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Nanex Always Dry FAQ

What can't Nanex Always Dry be applied to?
There's only one rule with Nanex Always Dry and that's that it needs to be applied to an absorbent material. It will work on any absorbent material you can think of!

How to apply?
Nanex Always Dry application is simple. Just spray evenly the items you want to protect from liquid and stains and leave it for 24 hours to dry. After it dries completely, your items will be waterproof!

Is a spray bottle required for application?
Nanex Always Dry is as versatile in its application as it is in the materials it can be applied to. Application can be done with a spray bottle, with aerosol cans, or even dipping the textile in the formula.

How long does application take?
Application of Nanex Always Dry is exceptionally easy and takes only minutes. Drying times require 24 hours unattended but with a small amount of heat drying time can be significantly decreased.

Are these small Nano particles safe?
The nano polymer products we sell are completely approved and documented as safe for human and environment. All products are registered in the REACH organization well known across whole Europe for product safety.

Is it safe enough to use on baby clothes?
Nanex Always Dry is 100% non-toxic and non-flammable when dry. This makes it not only acceptable and safe for baby clothes, but also medical environments, food processing environments, and many more restrictive locations.

What makes Nanex Always Dry the leader in super-hydrophobics?
While its versatility both in application and use places Nanex Always Dry a step above the rest, what really sets us a part is what's known as "the while film". Current super-hydrophobics tend to leave a thin white film on the surfaces they coat. This makes them not useful for most everyday items. Always Dry is currently the only super-hydrophobic that does not leave a white film.

Is it really invisible?
Yes. Once it has dried it will be completely invisible with no discolouration, no change to texture, and no scent. It is 100% non-toxic and non-flammable when dry. Apply it and the only way you'll know its there is the water running from the surface.

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