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About Us

GlassMark Solution is the official regional distributor of Always Dry by Nanex Co for Malaysia and Singapore. Nanex Co is a young, but innovative company who’s headquartered in Belgium, where they focused on the development of advanced nanotechnology formulas.

Our main objective is to improve product properties and make eco-friendly solutions for a wide array of needs in many markets. We always ensure that our products are optimized for consumer and industrial use. Our first and flag-ship products are based on protective coating technologies combined with special Nano particles as well as cleaning and protective properties.

We offer environmentally friendly water repellent and stain protection products, which can be purchased through our online web-shop, from our shop in Subang Jaya and from one of our dealers located all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Always Dry can fulfil a diverse and wide-range of uses. At the same time it reduces the amount of money the average household spend each year to restore or replace spoilt items due to stains and water damage. Always Dry superhydrophobic spray can ultimately cut your costs significantly over an extended period of time.

Just to name a few of its uses, you may try our water repellent and stain protection spray on:

  • - Shoes & Boots
  • - Caps & Hats
  • - Couch & Cushion
  • - Car Interiors
  • - Shirts & Jeans
  • - Purse & Wallet
  • - Bags & SuitCases
  • - Jackets
  • - Wood
  • - Camping gears
  • - Natural Stones

Follow Us

Besides our first textile & leather version, we are concentrating on the development of Nano Coatings for different materials that can be used for everyday purposes. You can follow us on our social media accounts to keep up to date with our company and learn about all of our latest innovations by liking our page in Facebook. Be sure to check out our videos on YouTube or the blog on our website.

"Nano coatings are now being used in many different industries for a wide range of reasons. We strive to develop and produce products for normal, everyday usage, so that it can add value to areas of life"

We’re Looking To Expand

We are currently looking for entrepreneurs, sales centres, and retailers who want to help us take these environmentally friendly products anywhere in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Our goal and expectation is to expand fairly quickly, so we are giving our partners a good deal right now. If you are interested in the opportunity to sell our water repellent spray, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now to see what we can offer.

Get More Information

Our customer service is always available and is easily accessible via our contact page and social media accounts. If you are interested in learning more about our stain protection and water repellent spray products, then go ahead and visit the product information page now.

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