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Nanex Always Dry is a multifunctional protective coating for stain repellent and dirt resistant. It is a super-hydrophobic product based on nanotechnology that can be applied to a wide range of applications. Nanex Always Dry protects all absorbent surfaces such as textiles, leathers, wood and stone against any fluids and stains.

Applying Nanex Always Dry with any absorbent surface will form an invisible protection layer with highly hydrophobic properties as the Nano polymers bond in a molecular level. Any fluid in contact with the treated surface will simply beads and rolls off without staining it.

The main advantages of Always Dry are:

  • - Immediate and long term protection (up to 12 months)
  • - 100% clear and transparent
  • - 100% non sticky
  • - 100% does not affect colour and texture
  • - Safe to use and non toxic
  • - Easy stain release
  • - Easy to use

Textiles & Leathers

Always Dry textile and leather is able to provide the protection of all textile, leather and suede articles such as clothes, shoes, bags, sportswear, outdoor equipment, etc.

Always Dry textile and leather covers each individual fiber with an invisible protective layer which prevents liquid and resilient stains, such as red wine, to infiltrate in the fibers. Liquid in contact with the treated item is easily removed with a moist cloth and will not leave any permanent damage to the item. The treated item will be protected up to 12 months.

As the protection layer is sensitive to detergent, we recommend to wash items treated with this formula only with warm water without detergents.

Wood & Stone

Always Dry Wood and Stone is a water and oil repellent impregnation agent for the protection of all outdoor wood and porous natural stone applications such as wooden patio furniture, pool side wood and stone, fences or other exterior wood and stone surfaces.

The formula contains additional anti-algae, anti-fungi and anti-bacterial additives, with UV blocking properties which do not dissolve in water.

After a drying time of about 24 hrs, the treated surfaces remain fully protected for 2-3 years against the development of water sensitive bacteria, molds and algae (green) in outdoor environment.

Water Based for Fabrics only

For the coating of very absorbent textile surfaces such as carpets, floor mats, furniture and other absorbent textiles we developed an adapted water based formula. This product is less sensitive to detergent and therefore recommended for materials or tissues which are frequently cleaned or exposed to chemical cleaning agents. In general the protection will resist to at least 20 washing cycles.

The high resistance of the product to chemical detergents makes this formula perfect for the use in areas of the service industry where cleaning and protection of fabrics (furniture, bedlinen, towels)


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