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Always Dry (Water Based For Textile Only) 500ml

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Water Based for Textiles
For the coating of very absorbent textile surfaces such as carpets, floor mats, furniture and other absorbent textiles we developed an adapted water based formula. This product is less sensitive to detergent and therefore recommended for materials or tissues which are frequently cleaned or exposed to chemical cleaning agents. In general the protection will resist to at least 20 washing cycles.

The high resistance of the product to chemical detergents makes this formula perfect for the use in areas of the service industry where cleaning and protection of fabrics (furniture, bedlinen, towels) is of great importance.


All textiles / all leathers / suede / ( shoes, bags, outdoor & travel, sports. )
Textiles 6-8m2
2 years from day of order
18 months – 2 years
1. Uniform spraying or dipping systems in order to apply the product evenly to the surface ( HVLP-sprayers, aerosols, HDPE trigger sprayers, industrial spray systems). 
2. Let the fabric surface air dry for about 6-10 hours

3. Heat the fabric surface for about 2-3 minutes using hair dryer or hot dry iron (preferably about 70 - 100°C or 158-212°F).

4. Let it cool down for 5 minutes and it is done.

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