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Nanex Always Dry (Textile & Leather) 100ml (2 Packs)

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NOTE: Aerosol spray package items are not available for delivery to Sabah and Sarawak
Our solvent based formula for textiles and leathers, also known as Nanex Always Dry textile and leather was developed for the protection of all textile, leather and suede articles such as clothes, shoes, bags, sportswear, outdoor equipment, etc.


Always Dry textile and leather covers each individual fiber with an invisible protective layer which prevents liquid and resilient stains, such as red wine, to infiltrate in the fibers. Liquid in contact with the treated article is easily removed with a moist cloth and will not leave any permanent damage to the object. The treated item will be protected for up to 12 months.

All our Always Dry formulas are non-toxic, environmentally safe, and non-flammable when dry. They leave zero residues and are 100% invisible, odorless and don’t alter the appearance and texture.

Furthermore, it is easy to use and enables easy stain release.

As the protection layer is sensitive to detergent, we recommend to wash items treated with this formula only with warm water without detergents.


All textiles / all leathers / suede / ( shoes, bags, outdoor & travel, sports. )
Textiles 6-8m2 / Suede 10-15m2 / Leather 15-20m2
2 years from day of order
Up to 12 months
1. Make sure your items are dry and clean.

2. Spray evenly at 10cm distance for textiles and 30cm away for leather

3. Leave to be completely dry in 24 hours.

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